I have been part and started up various music projects in several stages of my live and places.
Soy y he sido parte de projectos musicales realizados en diversas partes del mundo.

Gustavo Quino - Music


My main music instrument is the Quena, the Andean flute, which I learned back in school. On my YouTube Channel, I share tutorials, instrumental covers and plenty of other quena-related information.

Gustavo QQ

I really like singing, and have few compositions from my own. In this Playlist, you can have a sample of my covers and compositions.

Grupo Hanan

Created during pandemic times, this group reunites Peruvian musicians from the Folkuni estudiantina from 15 years ago. Our repertoire consists of traditional Andean music, aiming at preserving traditional culture through music.

Oxford Latin Combo

During my time in the city of Oxford, I started the Oxford Latin Combo, a latin band with a diverse repertoire (bachatta, salsa, cumbia, reggaeton, etc). With our peak between 2016-2018, we performed in pubs, clubs, Oxford Colleges (balls, garden parties, etc), and other private events.


Student band performing upbeat pop/rock, with musicians from more than 8 different countries!

Kaust Latin American Music Group

In collaboration with friends from Mexico and India, we launched a music group to display in the richness of Latin American fokloric music in the far away land of Saudi Arabia. We got featured in the University's magazine!


Folkuni is the Folkloric Cultural Centre of the Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería (Lima, Perú). I was part of the Andean Music Division, where I was also General Secretary for 2 years. Folkuni's mission is to promote national identity by divulging the various folkloric expressions of Peru.